A Brief History of Ska

October 6, 2009


Yesterday, the popular online magazine Pop Matters published my ska thesis, The Ska Will Go On. For this article on the rise and fall of ska music, I interviewed several of the scene’s movers and shakers including musicians, record producers, and DJs. The piece is already spurring controversy in certain ska circles because it fails to mention some bands and gives too much space to others. But, all comments have generally been positive. It’s always hard to write a comprehensive history of a cultural movement, because, ultimately, cultural histories are subjective. Just look at the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame. My video about the Three Floors of Ska event held at the Knitting Factory in NYC is posted here and on the Pop Matters site.


3 Responses to “A Brief History of Ska”

  1. I’m about to head to class right now, but I’m looking forward to checking out this thesis. Hope there’s a good amount dedicated to the Slackers, they are the primary movers and shakers at the moment!

  2. love this article…
    There have also been ska movements outside of Jamaica, the UK and USA – Australia for example has seen 2 tone and 3rd wave come and go but is experiencing a revival at the moment with ska weekenders and the jnnual Ska Nation festival…

    just sayin’

  3. Interesting article. The influence of ska music is still being felt far and wide!

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