The Arrival of ABBA

February 21, 2009

Tonight, I felt the spirit of ABBA: the ’70s glam, the joy, the silliness, and the ultra catchy melodies of Sweden’s world-famous band backed by the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra. ABBA has arrived and they brought their disco ball with them.


ARRIVAL, from Sweden, is only one of nearly fifty well-known ABBA tribute bands across the world (and it isn’t even the only one called ARRIVAL.) However, ARRIVAL From Sweden is the only band that has exclusive rights to wear exact replicas of ABBA’s original costumes.

And what costumes they are! White satin ponchos over shiny spandex bodysuits, thigh-high boots, and purple shimmery bow ties adorn the lead vocalists, Victoria Norback (Frida) and Jenny Guftafson (Agnetha). Bell-bottom jumpsuits, sequined scarves, and white platforms for the men, Rolf Ivraeus (Benny) and Henrick Paulson (Bjorn). The members of ARRIVAL wear their costumes with reverence, like Marines suiting up in their dress whites for a formal dance with their sweethearts. You can’t help but love them for their earnestness and dedication to the cause of spreading the gooey goodness of ABBA’s sound and style. They are global ministers of peace in troubled times.

ARRIVAL played all the hits: Knowing me Knowing You, Dancing Queen, SOS, Fernando, Mama Mia. They played them so convincingly and with such heart, I often got chills. And then I felt ridiculous. But, then again, Fernando is just a freakishly good song.


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